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Loopo helps our customers and brand owners to fulfill their glass packaging by top-end service.
For regular questions, you can have look at below Q&A, for more, contact Loopo.

What is glass made of?

      Glass consists of quartz sand, soda, dolomiteand refining agents.

What color glass does LOOPO provide?

      We can provide white glass, cobalt blue glass, light blue glass, amber glass, black glass and green glass.

Does LOOPO offer any decorating process service?

      Embossed or debossed glass reliefs underline the individuality of the product brand which is a popular and       cost-effective way of enhancing glass packaging.  we can offer professional decirated precess---screen-printing,       decal, color spray , eletroplating, frosting, sandblasting, hydroelectric and etc.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

      MOQ depends on the glass quality and bottle capacity.

      Generally, for super flint glass, MOQ can be 20,000 bottles. While for flint glass, MOQ can be 100,000pcs for 700ml

      or 750ml bottle. For those bottles in high borosilicate or ceramic, the MOQ can be just 2000pcs to

      10000pcs, depends on the deisgn.  

What is the difference between standard and bespoke molds?

      Standard molds can be used by any bottling company. The cost of the mold is included as a proportion of the cost       per  item. We produce bespoke molds exclusively for one customer. The cost of the mold is a one-off cost.

How long does the process take for a bespoke mold?

      From the time the customer approves the drawing to fully decorated samples, it usually takes about 7 weeks.

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